PWC-10 - rolled coin dispenser


PWC-10 - rolled coin dispenser

The PWC-10 compact rolled coin dispenser provides bank branches with a fast, efficient and secure source of coins to ensure they are always able to provide funds to customers when they need it. For bank branches, PWC-10 can play a pivotal role in the provision of coin funds to merchants. When visiting the branch to obtain coin funds, merchants want to be able to collect their coin quickly so they can return to their business operations. PWC-10 can be deployed at a dedicated merchant counter to provide rolled coin to business customers and therefore contributing to a reduction in waiting times and the provision of a better and more efficient service to both personal and business customer alike.



300 x 825 (935 at widest part) x 1100mm

Coin roll capacity per denomination

480-800 rolls dependent on coin diameter and configuration

Coin roll stackers

Maximum 6 denominations



Suitable for

  • Fast and efficient coin roll delivery at any time

  • Bank branches which require large volumes of coin funds for merchants

  • Secure provision of verified coin roll denominations


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Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits



High coin roll capacity and storage
Fast and efficient coin roll provision, when and where it's required
Dispense only the exact denominations required
Helps improve operation work-flow in a bank branch
Automated, efficient and secure coin delivery to customers
Frees up time for more value-added services



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