Drive more value from your cash automation investment and realise further efficiencies in your branch.


Availability of cash automation devices is of paramount importance to any Financial Institution that has deployed cash handling solutions in their branches. UBIQULAR helps monitor and manage your fleet efficiently and cost effectively; thereby increasing operational availability. With the addition of data analysis tools, branches can gain a clear view of cash activity, inventory, and device usage, that together deliver optimal operational efficiencies.

Glory-FI-Enterprise Managed Solutions

Drive more value from your cash automation investment 

Provide greater insight and actionable intelligence around the cash being processed in your business.

Combining the analytical power of UBIQULAR with IoT enabled devices means Glory can deliver truly connected services. Our secure cloud-based solutions effortlessly scale with customers’ businesses.



Helping our customers in the UK and Australia

With UBIQULAR Bridge implementation is seamless. Customers spend less time and resources on upgrades, template rollouts or training. Which means more time for customers and added v

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