Transform how your cash centres count cash and extend the services offered to your customers.


Let Glory help you create a differentiated service for your customers. With ever increasing demands to process customer deposits faster, our solutions will optimise your cash centre's processes and workflows, while minimising cash touch points and discrepencies. You can transform how your operations count and sort cash, ensuring Service Level Agreements for your customers are met.


Streamline Your CIT Cash Centre with Glory

Lower the cost to process notes and coins, and drive improved business performance, through automation.

Glory solutions can help eliminate the manual processes that lead to discrepancies, investigations and heightened security burdens. We can deliver technology and solutions that will provide greater productivity, minimal downtime and new choices for optimising the capabilities of your facilities and staff.

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Mach™ 9e WAVE™ - Coin sorter/counter

Mach™ 9e WAVE - a high speed, heavy duty coin sorter, specifically designed for high volume processing.

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WR-90/500 - coin wrapper

The WR-90/500 coin wrappers are robust and reliable. These coin wrappers deliver exceptional performance.

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Glory's UW-F Series banknote sorters, ensure that consistent levels of authentication are achieved.

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VPower Cash Centre, China

VPower Cash Centre in China use Glory cash automation solutions to fitness sort and authenticate banknote deposit. Banknote serial numbers of all processed notes are recorded and saved to comply with national requirements.

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