Improve the operational efficiency of your stores with UBIQULAR


Glory’s UBIQULAR Enterprise Managed Services for Retailers, provide insight into your cash operation in and beyond the store, and ultimately to the point of bank credit. Glory can help you focus on your core business activities and relieve cashiers of cash related tasks, leaving time to concentrate on their primary role of serving customers.

Drive more value from your cash automation investment 

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Provide greater insight and actionable intelligence around the cash being processed in your business.

Combining the analytical power of UBIQULAR with IoT enabled devices means Glory can deliver truly connected services. Our secure cloud-based solutions effortlessly scale with customers’ businesses.

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A1 Bakery, Hong Kong

Combining Glory's UBIQULAR Bridge solution with the CI-10X point of sale device, Glory is able to provide remote management and real-time updates of devices without disrupting A-1 Bakery's ability to serve their customers.

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