1 March 2022

Madrid, Spain


Madrid, 1 March 2022 – Glory has today announced that RAMSES, an iconic, authentic benchmark in the avant-garde restaurant sector in Madrid, has chosen to implement the CASHINFINITY range of banknote and coin recycling systems in its restaurants, to optimize their cash management processes in a centralized and secure manner.

GLORY's advanced CI-5 and CI-10 point of sale and CI-100 back office solutions deliver RAMSES proven reliability and efficiency, factors that help to boost their business performance. In addition, these solutions make it possible to eliminate inefficiencies in the processes, increasing staff productivity by 30%. As a result, employees can now focus even more time on delivering a great customer experience.

In total, thirteen units of the CI-10 system and one CI-5 system have been integrated at the points of sale, and one CI-100 recycler in the back office to reduce the time required for float preparation and end of day reconciliation.

Sergio Martínez, Director of Procurement of RAMSES said: “Thanks to LOVE MyCASH, we now enjoy all the advantages of GLORY's automated cash management solutions.

Although we already had cash recycling systems in our restaurants, the proposal of our technology partner LOVE MyCASH to incorporate the secure closed cash management cycle using GLORY’s advanced technology, provides us significant added value and greater efficiency in our daily operations, enhanced security as manual contact disappears, speed in procedures, the detection of counterfeit banknotes/coins and reduction of the time associated with banking processes, among many other benefits”.

Miguel Muro, Managing Director, GLORY Spain, said “The invaluable collaboration of LOVE MyCASH, our business partners, was key for the successful implementation of GLORY cash recycling systems at RAMSES.”

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RAMSES, with a superb location next to Puerta de Alcalá in Madrid, is an icon of capital luxury leisure. The owner of the homonymous group, Jorge Llovet, chose Plaza de la Independencia 20 years ago and has managed to revitalize and position that setting at the forefront of the sector.

Each initiative launched from RAMSES, a business that is always alive, attentive to trends and full of energy, is an appealing plan for both the Madrid public and visitors as well. Its secret is to offer an impeccable global experience, a mixture of good cuisine and a good atmosphere.

For further information please visit https://ramseslife.com/ or follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

Sergio Martínez
Director of Procurement
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