GLORY improves IDC Financial Insights FinTech Top 100 Ranking

11 September 2017



Remains highest ranking company focussed on cash technology solutions

Basingstoke, September 11, 2017 – At the Finovate fall conference in New York, IDC Financial Insights announced yesterday that GLORY has been placed 21st in their annual FinTech Top 100 rankings.  This is the second time Glory has applied for inclusion in the list and represents an improvement of three places on the previous year’s rankings. Once again, Glory is the highest ranking company in the FinTech Top 100 focussed on cash technology solutions.

A few major factors are driving Glory’s improved ranking year-on-year: 

  • The company’s key role in supplying cash technology solutions to financial institutions is also rapidly expanding in the retail marketplace, as Glory’s banking and cash-in-transit partners provide a wider array of technology solutions to their important commercial customers.

  • Glory continues to work with customers to deliver next generation IS infrastructure solutions, including high availability, low maintenance IS solutions like CashInsight Assure High Availability Server for transaction management and CashInsight Bridge IoT remote device management services, offering Glory product and services quality in the IS services arena.

  • Glory has expanded its offering of professional support services, including turn-key project management services, an array of personal and on-line training services, and advanced analytics support systems and services.   Glory’s “4D” (discover, design, deploy, deliver) lifetime partnering approach is creating true partnerships with its customers.

  • International roll-out of financial branch transformation support services, including best-in-class hardware and software solutions such as TellerInfinityTM, Glory’s flexible assisted self service technology suite, have ensured Glory’s participation in new branch banking concepts worldwide.

Mike Bielamowicz, Glory’s Executive Vice President Global Solutions explains the firm’s continued success: ‘With Glory, you get decades of global experience focussed on helping our customers improve their business performance, for the benefit of their customers and stakeholders.  Our solutions have been deployed successfully in over 100 countries, but we still recognise that every customer is unique.   By listening carefully, we have learned that our customers appreciate our proven success in delivering reliable and secure cash management solutions, but they also want us to provide an array of supporting services that reduce their asset management burden, help them maximize utilization of their assets, and ensure their long-term return on investment.   We have expanded our products and services to meet this need, enhancing the efficiency of our clients’ teams and delivering new positive impact to their bottom line.’

Glory continues to believe that solutions for handling, moving and managing cash bring strong value to its customers.   A recent survey carried out by Morar Research for Glory revealed that 48 percent of consumers still use cash on a daily basis.  Indeed, 74 percent said there would always be a role for cash and they could never see if being replaced completely.

Paul Race, Glory Global Solutions’ Director of Global Marketing added ‘Cash is going to be around for a long time. Automating the cash management process enables the transformation of bank branches, retail stores, cash centres and gaming establishments.  Working with Glory to optimize cash operations and cash management enables you to streamline and focus your overall operations, driving improved business performance.”

The IDC Financial Insights FinTech Rankings categorize and evaluate the top global providers of financial technology based on calendar year revenues from financial institutions for hardware, software and/or services. They have become an important measure of the health and direction of technology in the industry and the emergence of innovative solutions from new players. In addition, the IDC FinTech Rankings serve as a critical tool for financial services institutions to use during strategic planning and to review in considering new investments in 3rd party solutions. 

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As a global leader in cash technology solutions, we provide the financial, retail, cash center and gaming industries with confidence that their cash is protected and always working to help build a stronger business.

Our cash automation technologies and process engineering services help businesses in more than 100 countries optimize the handling, movement and management of cash. While we span the globe, we personally engage with each customer to address their unique challenges and goals — enhancing staff efficiency, reducing operating costs and enabling a more rewarding customer experience.

Employing over 9,000 professionals worldwide with dedicated R&D and manufacturing facilities worldwide, GLORY is built on a rich customer-focused, technology-driven heritage spanning almost a hundred years. 

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