Fidelys deploys Glorys UW-600 to improve cash managment

31 March 2017

Basingstoke, UK


Fidelys Segurança Privada e Transporte de Valores, a Brazilian private CIT and security company, has enhanced the cash handling process at its Belo Horizonte cash centre by deploying Glory’s UW-600 multi-currency banknote sorter.

The installation of UW-600 has resulted in significant improvements in performance as cash handling processes have accelerated and employee workload has been reduced. The high-performance banknote sorter enables cash to be counted, authenticated and sorted more quickly than was previously possible.

As well as delivering improved levels of processing efficiency, Glory’s UW-600 cash sorting solution provides enhanced availability and flexibility. The UW-600 can perform a wide range of operations, including sorting by denomination, fitness, orientation or batch.

Low incidence of time-outs and high quality speedy maintenance have meant time dedicated to the deposit process has reduced significantly. An important factor has been the quick error recovery and minimal processing interruptions that are an integral feature of the UW-600.

“The UW-600 has proven to be exceptionally reliable and accurate.” explains João Izabel Teixeira Filho, Treasury Supervisor at Fidelys. “We are very confident that the solution can consistently handle the large continuous workflow required to support our business.”

“Understanding the entire cash process is key to the achievement of outstanding operating performance. We are focussed on helping our CIT customers reduce the cost of processing cash and we’re delighted with the results that have been achieved with Fidelys.” commented Edson Matunaga, Managing Director of Latin America at Glory Global Solutions.


About Glory Global Solutions
Glory Global Solutions is a global leader in secure cash management solutions. Operating across the financial, retail, cash centre and gaming industries, businesses in more than 100 countries rely on our solutions to enhance staff efficiency, reduce operating costs and enable a better customer experience.

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About Fidelys
Fidelys is a company from the FORTEBANCO Group, specialized in Security and Logistics of Cash in Transit services. Headquartered in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, it is focused on providing services to retail companies, financial institutions and industries. The FORTEBANCO Group, controller of Fidelys, has more than 20 years of experience working in Minas Gerais and São Paulo states, providing Surveillance and Private Security services.

Fidelys bases are designed and enabled to carry out safe transportation and custody services and cash processing. Fidelys also offers the Electronic Safe service, capable of counting banknotes and issuing a report of the movement, providing the client with full control of the process, minimizing risks in logistics.


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