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At Glory we believe in respecting the environment and care about the impact our actions will have on the climate. In addition to complying with all current environmental legislation, we are proud of our commitment to a process of continual improvement, including the on-going assessment and reduction in use of raw materials and CO2 footprint.

We are committed to developing innovative products, responsibly and work closely with a world renowned eco consultancy throughout our design and development processes. This ensures our products are continuously evaluated to reduce carbon burden. As well as working within current legislation, we have our own formal product stewardship guidelines, which are utilised in the complete development cycle of our products.

Our responsibility doesn’t end with the product development, we work with partners and suppliers at every stage of the life cycle to consider the environmental impact of our technology and systems. When a product is deemed to be end of life, Glory actively assists customers to ensure compliance with regulatory demands.

Our geographic coverage is a key strength for Glory and we take seriously our responsibility to address environmental issues locally, as well as globally. Working with our regional offices we continually monitor and implement initiatives to ensure we are using resources wisely to reduce our carbon footprint. We also support regional offices to offset CO2 usage, including participation in local reforestation projects.

Environmental Policy

We recognise that care of the environment is a central business concern and operate in a manner that achieves the protection of the environment and the prevention of pollution.

Glory Ltd. participates in the United Nations Global Compact and embraces it's ten principals in four main areas including environment. Read more

For further information see our policies below: 
Glory's environmental policy
Glory India - E-waste management statement
Glory's business continuity management policy




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