UBIQULAR™ Bridge for Retail

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UBIQULAR™ Bridge for Retail

Continuous performance monitoring and remote device management Improve the operational efficiency of your stores with UBIQULAR Bridge, GLORY’S remote device management solution for your automation devices. Providing the business intelligence you need to be proactive and agile, UBIQULAR Bridge offers early warning notifications of potential operational issues, gives supplementary data for proactive support and faster issue resolution to aid users. All resulting in higher operational availability. Delivering significant value across your retail enterprise in multiple business areas, UBIQULAR Bridge lets you to prioritise customer service and gain valuable business insights with real-time performance data. Maximise device operational availability An immediate view of the operational status of each connected device and the cash inventory held within the device by value and denomination Remote deployment of updates Ensure updates to devices are deployed in a timely manner with minimal impact. Visibility of key data Visibility of key performance indicators and service performance

Suitable For

  • Remote updates for less business interruption

  • Improving device uptime and availablity

  • All devices - it can be managed from a smart phone or tablet





Maximise device operational availibility
Reduce staff time spent resolving equipment issues
Intelligent dispatch provides advanced details
Potential issues can be resolved first-time if an on-site visit is required
Remote diagnostics and updates
Ensure devices are in their optimal operational state

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UBIQULAR™ Digital Services, from Glory, provide greater insight and actionable intelligence around the cash being processed in your business. Drive more value from your cash automation investment and realise further efficiencies in your operation; to allow you to focus on your core business with confidence.


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