Your business faces increasing pressure, whether from shifting market conditions, increased competition, evolving regulation, or changes affecting consumer behaviour.  Your response is to continually look for ways to strengthen your operation in the face of such unpredictability and your investment in Glory solutions is a solid foundation to be prepared for such change.

Availability of cash automation devices is of paramount importance to any financial institution that has deployed cash handling solutions in their branches. UBIQULARTM helps monitor and manage your fleet efficiently and cost effectively; thereby increasing operational availability. With the addition of data analysis tools, branches can gain a clear view of cash activity, inventory, and device usage, that together deliver optimised operations and a faster return on investment.

Augmenting our branch technology solutions, Glory brings the long-established knowledge of our experts, underpinned by our Digital Software suite, UBIQULARTM to offer Digital Services designed to help you optimise areas of your business process, realise further value from your investments, deliver a stronger, safer customer and employee value proposition, and results straight to your bottom line.

Our services are ready to be adapted to your specific way of working, while bringing our advice and experience on both global, in-country and regulatory best practice.  Our broad base of knowledge in both retail and financial services ensures you stay focused on your core business, while Glory as your trusted Digital Services partner gets on with what we’re good at on your behalf.  

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