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Cash technology solutions for the entire retail cash chain: at the point of sale, the cash office, across the store and to the bank.

Cash does more when it's moving, not sitting idle in tills and safes. Like a lean supply chain, Glory technology optimises your retail cash chain, from payment to productivity. Your cash is secure and available where it’s needed, your staff are free to focus on your customers.

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What exactly is cash recycling?

Cash recyclers are devices that automate cash handling – accepting and dispensing cash; counting, authenticating and storing money securely; and keeping an accurate accounting of the cash you have in your business.

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Retail Solution Overview

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The CASHINFINITY™ solution automates many of the key activities linked to cash handling - improving employee productivity, speeding up cash flow, reducing shrinkage and releasing time for customer focus.

A highly configurable, modular system, CASHINFINITY can bring benefits at the point of sale, in the back office or, as a complete “closed loop” solution, can ultimately eliminate manual cash handling in the store altogether.

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