UBIQULAR BridgePlus - continous patch management service


UBIQULAR BridgePlus - continous patch management service

As cybersecurity becomes an increasingly critical consideration for organisations, the pressure is on IT professionals to ensure that every available update is installed. Often, patching and updates aren’t done as frequently or comprehensively as they need to be due to time pressures on IT teams.


UBIQULAR BridgePlus is a GLORY managed service providing patch management and updates to your GLORY devices. As a result of growing demand for IT security solutions and compliance, Glory can offer a centrally managed and deployed, subscription-based service to ensure your cash automation devices are always up-to-date.


Automated updates mean your devices are always running the latest software and patches for their operating systems -  of paramount importance to reducing vulnerability to attacks and ensuring data privacy and security.


●  Quick Configuration

●  Automated monthly updates

●  Monthly compliance reporting

●  Centrally provided service

●  Updates patch security flaws in the Software and OS

●  Cloud-based and scalable

Suitable for:

  • Patch security and operating systems updates Continuous patch management and updating service for GLORY retail devices

  • Addressing the growing demand for IT security solutions For retailers that use connected Glory back-office solutions

  • An outsourced managed service Centrally managed and deployed by GLORY