Applying for a role
All applications for a role should come through the Glory TalentBank.  

To apply:
1. Search for vacancies.  Either enter the location or add a Keyword.
2. Click on the vacancy to view the job description
3. Review the job description, including responsibilities, experience and qualifications
4. Select ‘Apply for this Position’
5. Complete the online application form
6. You will receive confirmation that your application has been received.

Selection Process
Once we have reviewed your application and confirm your profile meets the requirements for the position:
You will be contacted by an HR representative who will discuss the next steps in the process. 
Depending on the role there may be various assessment methods including telephone interviews and tests, but generally concluding with a face to face interview.  
Depending on the level of role you have applied for, you may be invited to a second interview (either face to face or by telephone/video conference) with the Regional/Functional Director.

Following successful completion of the selection process we will undertake some or all of the following:
Reference check
Validation of qualifications
Verification of Right to Work 
Criminal/Background check

Once the checks have been successfully completed an offer of employment can be made.