Cash Exchange Machine (CEM) - 4300

BA3400 Cash exchange

Cash Exchange Machine (CEM) - 4300

The Cash Exchange Machine (CEM) is a self-service solution the exchanges high denomination banknotes for rolled coin and low denomination banknotes. The CEM is designed to provide your business and merchant customers the ability to complete daily change orders on-demand in a secure environment while migrating customers away from the teller queue. Its compact design uses minimal floor space, while a simple user interface and high reliability maximize availability and minimize the total cost of ownership. The CEM can be configured as a single offline unit or as part of a fully-networked system providing real-time data capture.


Number of rolled coin silos

6 or 8 rolled coin silos

Coin roll capacity per denomination

Quarters = 77 rolls per drawer

Dimes = 156 rolls per drawer

Nickels = 111 rolls per drawer

Pennies = 123 rolls per drawer

50 cent 75 rolls

50 cent 75 rolls

Bill acceptor

4 way acceptance, cassette capacity 1,200 notes


72.3" x 26.3” x 47.3”

Suitable For

  • Supports vestibule placement for extended business hours or 24/7 access

  • Designed for business customers to complete daily change orders quickly, easily and securely

  • Simple replenishment process for bank staff and CIT





Distribution of coin rolls in exchange for notes. The return of money takes place by the delivery of loose coins or banknotes.
Self-service cash distribution service
Available 24 x7
Suitable for customers carrying out transactions outside bank branch opening hours
Low carbon footprint
Adaptable solution for all types of business

Glory CEM 4300 Datasheet


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