Cash is a physical item. The way it moves from one place to another has to be managed just as you would any other object of value. This is especially true in the casino environment, making sure cash is secure from the cashier, to the cage and through the audit process is vital to your profitability. Glory solutions deliver efficient management of the cash processes throughout your entire property from the retail concessions to foodservice locations, the casino floor, in the cage and treasury management services.

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The SK-500 redemption kiosk improves your casino operations by automating cash services.

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CI 100

Glory’s CI-100 reduces the risk of cash shrinkage and enhances the productivity of your staff.

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ci server

CI-SERVER software provides real-time business intelligence resulting in improved operational efficiency

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Automating cash handling in the cage can enhance your profitability.

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Blog - The Italian Gaming Landscape

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Optimize your cash chain - bring a new dimension to effective cash management in gaming

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