eVAS - Advanced Cash Centre Cash Management Solution


eVAS - Advanced Cash Centre Cash Management Solution

Increase the productivity, security and performance of your cash center processing operations with Glory’s eVAS cash management solution. eVAS provides a comprehensive, automated and flexible cash management platform for your cash center processing, operations and activities. It controls the physical path of cash through your cash center, as well as the data associated with it.

Suitable For

  • Improving day-today management of cash handling process in cash centers

  • Controlling the physical path of cash through the cash center

  • Full audit trail and data management

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits



A full audit trail of cash deposits throughout their journey
Customer deposits are recorded and tracked providing full visibility
Meets all banknote inventory management functions and logistics at a client or safe level
Centralized, real-time management and reporting of cash flow
Browser based centralized database module, with supervisor and administration functions
Consistent data across your entire operation



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