eVAS CtC - Advanced Cash Centre Cash Management Solution


eVAS CtC - Advanced Cash Centre Cash Management Solution

eVAS CtC is a thin-client solution for a central implementation where the application server and database can be moved from the vault to a central data center. eVAS CtC utilizes 2-Factor Authentication and implements REST Web Services for Database interaction. And, providing all of the functionality found in our eVAS product.

Suitable For

  • Improving day-today management of cash handling process in cash centers

  • Controlling the physical path of cash through the cash center

  • Full audit trail and data management

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits



A full audit trail of cash deposits throughout their journey
Customer deposits are recorded and tracked providing full visibility
Meets all banknote inventory management functions and logistics at a client or safe level
Centralized, real-time management and reporting of cash flow
Browser based centralized database module, with supervisor and administration functions
Consistent data across your entire operation



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