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Optimized Cash Management As A Service
Glory’s UBIQULAR Manage service takes in-store cash automation solutions to the next level. This cloud-based digital service allows store cash technology to drive value across the extended Retail Cash Chain, from consumer to bank and back again, ultimately allowing Glory’s Digital Services team to manage your cash deposits and transform cash into an electronic payment.

UBIQULAR Manage provides Retailers cash management services every step of the way. It allows retailers to focus on their core business activities and relieves them of nearly all cash related labor, reallocating staff to concentrate on the primary task of serving customers, rather than back-office administration.

UBIQULAR Manage provides the following services for our cash automation customers:

Remote device updates and management
Maintain device operational availability while improving performance and business intelligence data.

CIT Management
Comparing CIT prices and negotiating contracts is an administrative task that with Glory’s managed service will gain retailers time and CIT independence.

Provisional Credit
Not only can you improve your cashflow through a better availability of your working capital, but this service also decreases unnecessary CIT collections and deliveries.

*UBIQULAR Manage is not available in all regions. Please contact us for further information.