GLR-100 series

GLR-100 U

GLR-100 series

GLR-100 is a high-capacity banknote recycler that supports customer transactions as well as bulk merchant note deposits. High-speed loading with continuous banknote feeding, combined with authentication, sorting and storage of notes in high-capacity cassettes, enables rapid transfer to the back-office. CIT collections are streamlined and pick-ups can be minimized, as in-branch note recycling reduces cash inventory and CIT costs.



GLR-100 standard (5 cassettes): Total recycling capacity of 11,700* notes

GLR-100 high (5 cassettes): Total recycling capacity of 15,700* notes

*Dependent on banknote quality. Capacities are for reference only and are not guaranteed

Storage system

High capacity recycling cassettes - up to 7 user configurable storage areas

Deposit and dispense: 12 notes per second

Safe type: UL-291 24-hour


16.5” W x 41.1” D x 34.1” H – standard

16.5” W x 44.3” D x 39.8” H – high

Display type

7" LCD Touchscreen with Interactive Guidance


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Suitable For:

  • High volume banknote capacity/storage is required Ensure optimal cash inventory is held in the branch

  • Optional secure transfer cassette To unload excess notes in a cash positive branch and hands-free replenishment of notes into device

  • Financial institutions planning new branch concepts Provide high customer service levels and where routine teller transactions still need to be handled





Smart and intelligent features
Improves business processes and operational efficiency
Advanced security features
Ensure system integrity and reduce risk
Versatile options and advanced functionality
Enhance branch performance and customer service experience

GLR-100 product video

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GLR-100 series - Teller Cash Recycler

Whether you’re looking to transform your branches or simply improve efficiency for increased profitability, the GLR-100 series will support your strategy. Enabling open plan layouts, reduced start / end of day processes, faster teller transactions, redeployment of staff and enhanced customer experience – the GLR-100 delivers.