Mach™ 9e WAVE™ - Coin Sorter/Counter

Mach™ 9e WAVE™ - Coin sorter/counter

Mach™ 9e WAVE™ - Coin Sorter/Counter

The Mach™ 9e WAVE is a high speed, heavy duty coin sorter, specifically designed for high volume processing centers where throughput and reliability is critical. Perfect for financial processing centers, vending and transportation companies and gaming houses, the Mach™ 9e WAVE delivers unrivalled performance accuracy and productivity.


Sorting Capability

Up to 8 different denominations plus reject

Auto Feed

Large coin hopper holds up to 10,000 coins @18mm


3,000 coins per minute


685 x 731 x 1041 (without printer)

Suitable For

  • Ideal solution for customers processing significant volumes of coin

  • Enhances any coin processing operation where productivity and accuracy is the top priority

  • Applications where coin authentication is required

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits



The auto feed hopper frees busy operators from managing coin flow
Fast, accurate and uninterrupted throughput of coin for maximum productivity
Illuminated bag stop and reset switches on each sorting position
Alerts the operator when bags are full, thus aiding productivity and efficiency
Full colour 5" display and colour coded keypad, with multi-lingual interface
Quick and easy user adoption and intuitive to use