SK-500 Casino Redemption Kiosk

SK 500

SK-500 Casino Redemption Kiosk

The SK-500 redemption kiosk improves your casino operations by freeing up space, people, time and funds by automating cash services. Offering your patrons a convenient one-stop service for ATM, redemption and bill breaking, the SK-500 boasts outstanding ease of use with a large, bright, easy-to-see 17-inch touch screen and easy-to-find insertion and dispense points.



34.7 in × 31.7 in × 62.5 in



Bill acceptor

JCM: 1,000 bills/2,500 bills; MEI: 1,200 bills/2,200 bills

Bill dispenser

5 lockable cassettes; $1, $5, $10, $20, $100

3,000 bills/cassette (depends on conditions of bills)

Suitable For

  • To reduce pay-out waiting times for patrons

  • Bill breaking facilities

  • Free up employees from cash handling tasks

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits



High transaction throughput
Reduces pay-out waiting time and efficiently serves a continuous flow of patrons
Dual bill validation capability
Reduces the number of 'drop and fill' operations to exchange the bill validator box by casino staff
Large bill holding capacity: five cassettes, 3,000 bills each
Minimizes the need to refill the bill cassettes during times when the casino floor is busy