GLORY launches TellerConcierge™; the future of assisted-service, multi-transactional branch banking.

February 28, 2023

Lisle, IL


Glory announces its all new in-branch multi-transactional banking solution, TellerConcierge.

Designed to automate almost any banking transaction, TellerConcierge is a compelling solution for financial institutions presented with the challenge of managing their branch network with limited resources. TellerConcierge automates almost any banking transaction, including the advanced requirements of the small to mid-sized business customer segment, which are not possible to serve on most ATMs.

With the understanding that not all branches have the same transaction profile and service offerings, TellerConcierge’s modular design allows Financial Institutions to select the appropriate model to fit each branch’s specific needs.  This modularity also offers flexibility and investment protection as branch strategies and designs evolve over time.

TellerConcierge enables banking customers to do more for themselves and allows branches to optimize their teller resources. Designed for easy integration into virtually any branch footprint, workflow, and information ecosystem, TellerConcierge is scalable and provides an automated transaction solution for virtually any branch type or application.

With the versatility to easily adapt to new branch models and grow as requirements change, TellerConcierge is a future-proof solution that provides banking services to all customer types when and where they need it. It’s the perfect fit.

Toshimitsu Yoshinari, Chief Solutions Officer GLORY LTD said, “TellerConcierge represents a ground-breaking advance in the technology available to automate in-branch transactions. Utilizing the latest technology from our new GLR series, TellerConcierge allows our customers to improve the experience delivered in their branches while lowering operating costs, giving the flexibility for staff to dedicate their time to customer engagement and sales activities. As TellerConcierge can automate a wider set of transactions than traditional ATMs, it allows branches to manage cash and non-cash transactions all on the same device.”

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As a global leader in cash technology solutions, we provide the financial, retail, QSR, cash center and gaming industries with confidence that their cash is protected and always working to help build a stronger business.

Our cash automation technologies and process engineering services help businesses in more than 100 countries optimize the handling, movement and management of cash. While we span the globe, we personally engage with each customer to address their unique challenges and goals — enhancing staff efficiency, reducing operating costs and enabling a more rewarding customer experience.

Employing over 10,000 professionals worldwide with dedicated R&D and manufacturing facilities across the world, GLORY is built on a rich customer-focused, technology-driven heritage spanning more than a hundred years.

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