AZA Annual Conference

New Orleans

September 7, 2019 -

Hampton Inn and Suites Convention Center

1201 Convention Center Blvd

New Orleans, LA 70130


Cash is still king with your customers

With cash remaining a popular form of payment in entertainment venues - zoos and aquariums are turning to Glory to address the challenges and opportunities associated with improving operational cash efficiency and enhancing the customer experience.  
Fellow AZA members, like the Shedd Aquarium, have had great success by implementing Glory cash automation solutions in their cash rooms.
The back office staff responsible for setting up till funds, providing change and reconciling daily sales to prepare a bank deposit can now be redeployed to more customer facing activities, while our cash recycler does all the counting, verifying and balancing.
Learn how Glory's CASHINFINITY™ solutions can:
• Reduce employee start/end-of-shift process times
• Eliminate fraudulent cash, counting errors, and theft
• Improve security and audit-ability of your cash
• Eliminate or reduce idle cash