We care about the impact we have on our local communities and on the wider environment and encourage our employees to play an active role in social and community issues.  As an organization, Glory is an active sponsor of social causes, donating money and goods to registered charitable organizations.

Worldwide, we embrace the opportunity to engage in local community issues and publicize local activities globally through the corporate intranet.  Recent activities include sponsoring children to attend primary school in Colombia, supporting a lifetime shelter for mentally disabled children in India and providing funding for an orphanage in Kuala Lumpur. In Australia, our employees have chosen to support the Learning for Life charity to help young children affected by autism and in China the HOPE project is benefiting from funding to build schools in poverty-stricken areas and provide a basic education to millions of young children.

In certain cases, we join forces with our customers, to support the same development programs.  In Mexico, together with our customer, Compartamos Banco, Glory is providing aid to local Mexican communities to improve the quality of life for families and individuals.

Glory believes in respecting the environment and cares about the impact our actions have on the climate. As well as complying with all current environmental legislation, we are proud of our commitment to a process of continual improvement, including the on-going assessment and reduction in use of raw materials and CO2 footprint. Through these policies employees, customers and the community all benefit from the difference Glory is making. 

At Glory we believe in considering the wider implications of our actions and embrace our role as a responsible corporate citizen. We are committed to the highest ethical standards, compliance with relevant legislation and to be a fair employer wherever we operate.

Glory Ltd. participates in the United Nations Global Compact and embraces it's ten principals in the four areas: human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. 

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