Please find answers below to the most frequently asked questions. 


How do I find a position?
o   To view the current vacancies, go to ‘Current Vacancies’ and select any of the following options:
o    Search positions by location – select a location and click ‘Search’.
o    Search positions by job title – enter keywords and click ‘Search’
o    To see all vacancies – search All Locations.
How do I apply for a specific position?
o    Click on the vacancy to view the job description
o   Review the job description, including responsibilities, experience and qualifications
o   Select ‘Apply for this Position
o   Complete the online application form

How do I set up an alert?
To be notified by email of new opportunities that match your criteria set up a Job Alert.
o   Complete your Search
o   Select Job Alert
o   Enter your email address
o   You will receive an email requesting you confirm your email address – click 'confirm'.
o   Your alert will now be set up and you will receive notifications

How do I cancel an alert?

To cancel a Job Alert:
o   Select Job Alert
o   Your job alerts will be listed
o   Go to the column ‘Action’ and select ‘Remove’.
o   The job alert will be removed

How do I send you my CV?

o   You can complete a general application form here.
o   Only a relatively small number of fields - those marked * - are mandatory so you may submit
     your application without entering details of your career and educational history.
o   We would however welcome your assistance with completing as many fields as possible.   
o   As an easy alternative to entering the details manually, you can have the system automatically
     populate this information, based upon the content of your resume.  
o  To do this:

      * Click the LinkedIn link to use your LinkedIn profile to pre-fill this application form.  
      * Click the Upload Resume to use your resume to pre-fill this application form.
      * Add any additional information as required

Can I send you my CV?
o    You can submit a general application and upload your CV on our Careers site
Can I apply for more than one vacancy?
o    You may apply for multiple vacancies within a single application; however, you must meet the
      criteria of each of the vacancies as detailed in the job specifications.

What qualifications are needed to join Glory?
o    This is dependent upon the position you apply for and the criteria on the job specification. Your
      existing qualification level will be assessed in addition to your experience.
Can I apply if I don't have a work permit/or don’t have acceptable documentation verifying my eligibility to work in the country?
 o   You must have a valid work permit/acceptable documentation, where required, to work with
     Glory. It is your responsibility to provide evidence in line with local Government requirements.
How long does the recruitment process take?
o   A typical recruitment process from applying to a position to being offered can vary and is
    dependent on the complexity of the role.  Your HR Representative will keep you informed at each
    stage of the process.
If English is not my first language, will I need to take an English test?
o    If English is a crucial part of the role you have applied for, you may be asked to demonstrate  
      your language skills.

If I am unsuccessful, can you give me feedback?
o    All applicants will receive feedback upon request.
How many hours do I need to work?
o    Working hours can vary from country to country and may also be dependent on the role you
      have applied for.
Will I get training?
o    The Company provides learning and development opportunities for every employee so they can
      achieve their potential.  
o    Your training and development will depend on your role, the level of experience and skills you
o    As a minimum, when you start with the company training is provided on our products
     (if required) and on all our mandatory systems. 
o   Any further training and development will be agreed between you and your manager as part of
     your on-going performance management discussions.
Do I need a car and a driving license?
o    This is dependent upon the position for which you have applied and will be detailed within the          Job Specification.

Will I need to supply references?
o   References will only need to be supplied once you have been offered a position. All offers made
     by the Company are subject to satisfactory references/checks being completed.