DYNAMIX- Assisted-service software solution


DYNAMIX- Assisted-service software solution

DYNAMIX software gives Glory's assisted-service solution, TellerInfinity, the capability to conduct almost any transaction a financial institution can imagine; accessing the necessary banking systems, managing the associated workflows, while maintaining and managing all defined business rules. DYNAMIX is designed to provide a wide range of transactions, however complex, and regardless of demands for connectivity to back-end systems. It allows customers to identify themselves in a variety of ways, and to leverage all of the systems that human staff members use in their daily activities in support of those customers. DYNAMIX is not a modified ATM application – it is a ground-up application designed for branch transformation.


  • The power of TellerInfinity plus Dynamix enables true branch transformation - a change in both staff and customer experience.

  • Automate traditional teller transactions, difficult to automate at ATMs.

  • Drive sales opportunities and deliver high-levels of customer service.


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Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits



Connect to a multitude of back-end banking services software applications
Replacing both the simple and complex transactions executed at the bank branch’s teller line.
Flexible options for identifying your customer, beyond traditional card and PIN.
Minimal staff-intervention required; more time for value-add tasks.
Provide transaction automation, with enabled staff always on-hand to assist
Immediately recognise when a customer needs help or additional authorisation.

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