CASHINFINITY™ CI-100 - Cash recycling system


CASHINFINITY™ CI-100 - Cash recycling system

The CI-100 reduces the burden and risk of your back office cash processes. Automated processing of cash accelerates start and end of day processes as well as shift changes, reduces the risk of cash shrinkage, enhances the productivity of your staff and enables provisional credit where available.



CI-100B: 380 x 835 x 1100mm (without monitor)

CI-100C: 500 x 835 x 1100mm

Total note capacity

3,500 notes (safe bag)

3,800 notes (collection cassette)

Coin recycle modules

8 recycle modules

Suitable For

  • Back office automated note and coin handling of takings and change funds

  • Reducing day-open, shift change and day-close operations

  • Secure closed cash management between the front and back office


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Accepts both the interface cassette from CI-10 and loose notes
Improved efficiency for handling notes from both CI-10 and the manual cash drawer
Fast and accurate banknote and coin authentication and recycling
Eliminates manual errors and significantly reduces cash processing times
Can be easily integrated with CI-SERVER cash management software
Real-time cash inventory status and allows CIT pick up and deliveries to be reduced


loss prevention

Optimising the Retail Cash Chain

Optimising the Retail Cash Chain

Cash is a physical item, which means that the way it moves from one place to another has to be managed just as you manage any other object of value. We need to think about managing the movement and use of cash in similar ways to how we manage the movement of retail merchandise. In other words, there is a supply chain for cash, as well: we call it the Retail Cash Chain.

Optimising the Retail Cash Chain

Optimising the Retail Cash Chain

Optimising the Retail Cash Chain

Optimising the Retail Cash Chain

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GLORY Retail Solution offers SMART cash management. It provides total secure closed cash handling, centralised control of cash inventory and optimisation of all cash processes throughout a store. CASHINFINITY is the most  advantageous cash management system with remarkable flexibility and extensibility for retailers to fit any size of store, various business segments and each  investment plan.