We have five core behaviours that provide the framework for how we work, how we relate to our customers and ultimately how we shape our culture. We call these the Glory Spirits. These standards of behaviour represent the way of thinking, values and philosophy upon which Glory has been established. They are shared by all our employees and drive the way we lead our company, make decisions, engage our people and identify new talent.

Glory Spirits:

  • Value Creation: We always strive to create value for our customers
  • Self-Starter: We understand the objectives of our work and are proactive in achieving our goals
  • Collaboration: We respect diversity and create a culture of collaboration to work with each other to achieve a common goal
  • Integrity: We understand Glory’s mission and act with responsibility and pride to help achieve this
  • Own Growth: We leverage our own talent and achieve personal development by adopting a broader perspective and looking beyond our own work

    In addition to living the Glory Spirits, successful people in our organisation
  • Are Creative Thinkers – they are inquisitive and ask ‘What if’.  They overlook obstacles to see the possibilities and opportunities, widening their knowledge and viewpoint.
  • Have Big Ambitions – they have big ambitions striving for progress and success.  They are proactive in setting and achieving their goals
  • Take a Bold Approach – they have the courage and drive to go beyond the limits of conventional thought.
  • Are Innovators – they are lateral thinkers who seek to gain first-hand experience. They go beyond ideas, they bring concepts to life to transform our customers’ businesses.


I saw the opportunity to work with Glory as advancement in my career as it has allowed me to challenge myself in a diverse marketplace with "disruptive technology" in the finance and retail industry. The working environment and culture has been a perfect fit for my values and work ethic. Work culture has always been an important aspect to me and Glory has exceeded my expectations in terms of acceptance and adopting my style.

- Aizal Lohmann, Solutions Consultant & Project Manager, Sydney, Australia

Since I joined the company, I have found it to be a great environment to grow and develop; it is the kind of company that rewards hard workers by giving them more opportunities to contribute to the growth of the business.

- Giles Tibbitts, Group Financial Controller, Basingstoke, England

I personally joined Glory for a lot of reasons. After my research I realized that Glory is the company that enhanced productivity and reduced costs for the banks, retail and gaming industry; and I decided I needed to be part of the dynamic team that they have and make history with Glory. I’m now part of something big and I know that I’m in the right place for career advancement.

- Frantz Mozoul, Customer Service Technician, New York, United States

Our company’s success is based on the talent, values and behaviors of our people; they weave through everything we do from recruitment to development.  If these values and behaviors resonate with you, why not join a team of like-minded people on a journey of innovation, success and personal growth?

- Tim Jordan, Executive Vice President, Global Human Resources