Our Leadership

Toshi Yoshinari 
Toshimitsu Yoshinari 
Chief Executive Officer & Chairman

Toshimitsu (Toshi) was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Glory Global Solutions and Chairman of Glory’s International Business in April 2024.

Prior to this he served as Chief Solutions Officer from April 2021, with responsibility for Product Management, Strategic Marketing, Innovation and Digital Services.

Toshi joined Glory in 1998 as Product Manager for Desktop Products and Financial Institutions Self-Service. He subsequently moved to Glory Europe after being appointed Product and Marketing Manager for the EU region. Following the acquisition of Talaris Toshi was a senior member of the Project Management Office team responsible for the successful integration of the two companies. Between 2013 and 2021 Toshi led Glory’s product management and marketing teams for the International Business.

Over the course of his career Toshi has gained extensive understanding of international markets having lived in numerous countries around the world including the USA, Germany, Paris and the UK. He is now based in Japan. 

Toshi is an Executive Officer of GLORY LTD. and continues to be a board member of Glory’s subsidiary companies Flooid, Acrelec and OneBanx as well as the company’s Italian subsidiary, Sitrade.

Michael Williams
Michael Williams
Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer

CFO since May 2014 and COO since April 2018, Michael is responsible for the company’s Finance, Supply Chain and Process Transformation functions. Michael’s extensive experience has included consistent delivery of growth and profitability in established global businesses through periods of significant change including large-scale projects such as reorganisations, mergers, acquisitions and divestments. ‘Big Four’ accountancy firm qualified, he is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales

Michael has led technical accounting conversion projects, process and cash flow efficiency drives as well as IT implementations. He has also been instrumental in developing and bringing to market many start-up solution businesses. He has experience across a range of sectors including international servitised solutions and distribution, retail, rail, manufacturing, leasing and motor.

Glory Tomko image

Tomoko Fujita
Director - Corporate Development and Business Planning

Tomoko is responsible for leading Business Planning and guiding Global HR and Global Marketing for the International Business.  She is tasked to provide high-value strategic support to the CEO including M&A. Tomoko ensures we maintain focus on developing our people and expanding our business with strong controls. Tomoko is a board member for both Glory Global Solutions and GLORY LTD and serves as Chairperson of Flooid.

Tomoko joined GGS in May 2012 soon after Glory announced the acquisition of Talaris and was fully involved in integration of the two businesses as a member of PMO closely working with the management teams of both companies.  Since then, she has facilitated the creation and on-going refinement of a series of strategic plans Plans and led a number of major acquisitions for the International Business.

 Vincent Nakache
Vincent Nakache
President, EMEA

Vincent was appointed President EMEA in April 2016 and is responsible for running all the company’s operations across Europe, the Middle East and Africa including direct and indirect operations in over 100 countries with over 1,000 staff. Vincent is also an Executive Officer of GLORY LTD.

After graduating from the Institut Supérieur de Commerce de Paris, where he obtained a Masters in Management, Vincent started his career at Xerox as a Sales Executive. He was the top Regional Sales Representative for three years before promotion to management. He left Xerox in 1990 to undertake a consultancy position for Learning International. Vincent joined De La Rue in late 1991, where he spent 17 years gaining extensive company and industry experience across a wide range of roles including Sales and Marketing Director, progressing to Managing Director of De La Rue France in April 2000. In 2008, Vincent was part of the team who led the management buy-out to form Talaris and became President, EU Region.

Joe Gnorski
Joseph Gnorski
President, Americas

Joe was appointed President, Americas of Glory Global Solutions in April 2024.  Joe is responsible for all operations in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. His experience spans over 17 years within the company, during which he has served in pivotal roles in sales and marketing driving significant revenue growth, enhancing operations, and expanding Glory's presence in key markets.


Before assuming the role of President, Americas, Joe served as the Executive Vice President of Retail, where he led sales to over 200% growth over three years.  Joe also served on the core team that designed a global Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system culminating in implementation in 14 countries. 


Joe holds two master's degrees from Loyola University Chicago—an MBA and a master’s in marketing as well as a bachelor’s degree in public relations from Marquette University.

Ben Thorpe - Glory
Ben Thorpe
President, Asia Pacific

Ben was appointed President of APAC in 2016 and is responsible for steering the rapidly growing GLORY business across more than 20 countries in Asia and the Pacific.


Ben has a degree from Cambridge University and has held several leadership positions in Glory. Prior to taking on his current role, Ben was Director of Global Marketing and Strategy leading and building a team of global marketers to drive the integrated communications strategy. With more than 25 years of experience from living and working in Asia, he was part of the core team that integrated the Glory and Talaris businesses, forming what is known as Glory Global Solutions today. 


Ben is also a committee member of the Asian Currency Management Association and a board member of the International Association of Currency Affairs.



Shingo Makita
China Region Head and Senior General Manager, Service Business Div

Shingo has been appointed the Senior General Manager of the Service Business Division. He continues to serve as the China Regional Head and as a member of the Board for Glory Denshi Kogyo.

Shingo joined Glory in 1993. He began his global market activities by participating in the new Euro banknote project with the newly established Global Technical Support team in 1999. He worked at Glory’s Singapore subsidiary from 2004 for six years, executing direct maintenance services in Singapore and supporting Distributors in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Since 2012, he has been active in the integrated service working group with Talaris and Glory. In 2015, he initiated the Service business in Shanghai as the China Service Director and in 2020, he took on dual roles as the China Regional Head and General Manager of the Service Strategy department. At this time Shingo was also appointed to the Board of Glory Denshi Kogyo.

Martin Rose
Martin Rose
Group General Counsel and Senior General Manager of the General Affairs Division.

Martin is an international lawyer managing the Legal, Intellectual Property, Data Protection & Security and Insurance & Risk Teams within Glory Global Solutions.

Martin has an extensive background in international acquisitions and in negotiating significant product sales and service orders with large multi-national and blue-chip clients, private and state-owned banks as well as multi-national retailers and suppliers.

He has worked at several leading international law firms and held a number of senior legal positions within global private equity portfolio companies, prior to joining the organisation in early 2008. Passionate and energetic, Martin brings a wealth of international experience to legal, compliance and governance matters within the company.


Takuya Onoe
Executive General ManagerCore Solution Office

Takuya was appointed Executive General Manager of Core Solution Office in April 2024 and is responsible for central sales to Financial, Retail and Food & Beverage customers

Takuya joined Glory in 1993 as a trainer for the company’s “Open Teller System” - a major product in the Japan financial market. In 1995 he transferred to the central sales division and worked to expand sales of this product to regional banks and credit unions across Japan.

In 2001, he was assigned to the overseas marketing team to grow the business to 10 billion JPY. From 2007 he served as manager of the technical support team, and after integrating the central service departments of GLORY and Talaris companies, became the Senior General Manager of this department.

Minoru Higashiyama
Minoru Higashiyama

Senior General Manager, Software Platform Business Division

Minoru was appointed Senior General Manager of Software Platform Business Division in April 2024 and is responsible for the company’s cloud-based UBIQULAR software business including development and operations. Minoru is also a Non-Executive Director of Flooid.

After graduating from the Okayama University, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in information technology, Minoru started his career at Glory as a software engineer in 1995. He joined Glory Systems Inc (GSI) in USA in 1999 to develop a new Cash Vault solution eVAS which is developed in pure Java. He returned to Glory Japan in 2006 and developed a new interface for the company’s RB500 cash deposit and withdrawal solution.

In 2008 Minoru became a member of the retail solution taskforce responsible for planning, designing, developing and introducing the company’s market leading CASHINFINITY solutions. He became a manager of L3 support of GGS in 2013, and General Manager of System development department, GLORY LTD. Since 2018 Minoru has been leading the company’s innovation and new business development teams.

Toyafumi Iwami
Toyofumi Iwami

Chief Development Officer (CDO), Development & Quality Assurance Office

Toyofumi was appointed CDO of International Business Company's Development & Quality Assurance Office in April 2021, and is responsible for the development and quality assurance of all products, including software for markets outside Japan.

Toyofumi joined Glory in 1991 as a mechanical engineer developing WAVE and EN, the main products for the Japan financial market. In 1998, he joined the Core Technology Development Division, and when Japan issued new banknotes in 2004, he led the successful development of a new bill validator that was significantly improved with mass production in mind.

His career in the International Business began in 2011 as the development general manager for RBG-100/200/300 products. In addition, with the acquisition of Talaris in 2012, he began integration work with the GGS development team, and from 2013, was appointed Senior General Manager. Through the management of the GGS development team, he has been working to create technology synergies and optimize the development base.

Since 2021, in his role as Chief Development Officer, Toyofumi has led the renewal of the company’s two largest product portfolios: GLR for the financial industry and CI-X for the retail industry.