Cash remains the cheapest form of payment for retailers to process, as long as that process is managed efficiently using the latest technology.  Glory’s Treasury Managed Services, powered by our UBIQULARTM Digital Software suite provides insight into your cash operation in and beyond the store, ultimately to the point of bank credit.

Augmenting our branch and store technology solutions, Glory brings the long-established knowledge of our Treasury Management experts and software, delivered to you as a regular, ongoing service.  Potential realised benefits include accelerated credit of cash (subject to specific agreements), insight and/or optimisation of your cash logistics contract and costs, reduction in store operations costs, improved safety of store staff, and reduction in cash losses due to improved loss prevention.

Glory’s uniquely independent solution allows your preferred bank and CIT partner to participate in an efficient cash management process alongside you, preserving your established relationships if you so choose.  Our open approach equally means there is no lock in of CIT or bank as you develop your business further.

Performance of your cash operation is monitored and reported to you on a regular basis, with as much or as little involvement as makes sense to your operation.  Fundamentally, your cash requirements in terms of automated deposits as well as “just in time” floats and change can be managed “as a Service” by Glory in much the same way as payment processors manage your electronic payment infrastructure today.

Our services are ready to be adapted to your specific way of working, while bringing our advice and experience on both global, in-country and regulatory best practice.  Our broad base of knowledge in both retail and financial services ensures you stay focused on your core business, while Glory as your trusted Digital Business Service partner gets on with what we’re good at on your behalf.  

Our scope of services and solutions is presented through a flexible menu of options that can be tailored to your specific operational and commercial needs.

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