RBG-200 - Teller cash recycler

RBG-200 - Teller cash recycler

RBG-200 - Teller cash recycler

RBG-200 series teller cash recyclers deliver an intuitive, secure, flexible and integrated teller automation solution to address the real needs of your customers and staff.



Up to 600 banknotes per RSM

Storage system

8 or 10 RSMs, with optional ISM and/or collection cassette

Note processing speed

Dispense: 6 notes per second

Deposit: 7 notes per second


420mm x 1046mm x 844mm (UL291 safe, 8-RSM safe)

505mm x 1063mm x 847mm (CEN III +VDS safe)

420mm x 1058mm x 844mm (CEN L safe)

505mm x 1083mm x 851mm (CEN IV safe)

Suitable For

  • High volume banknote capacity/storage is required; up to 10 RSMs with 600 notes each

  • Use of a collection cassette to unload excess notes in a cash positive branch

  • Serial number recognition for full track and trace capability

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits



High capacity, roll storage modules
Fewer CIT visits are required and therefore reduces cost
Optional collection cassette stores an additional 2,000 banknotes
Secure and controlled unloading of excess notes, can be utilised elsewhere in the branch
Serial number recognition, track and trace of all deposited banknotes (option)
Enhances security and integrity of banknotes in circulation and meets certain Central Bank regulations

RBG 200 product video

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RBG-200 series - Teller Cash Recycler

Whether you’re looking to transform your branches or simply improve efficiency for increased profitability, the RBG-200 series will support your strategy. Enabling open plan layouts, reduced start / end of day processes, faster teller transactions, redeployment of staff and enhanced customer experience – the RBG-200 series delivers.


Driving Innovation and Improving Customer Experience at İşbank, Turkey

İşbank is a national institution and enjoys a powerful relationship with the Turkish people. The Bank wanted to create a customer experience in their branches that would provide them with a clear competitive advantage and to demonstrate the progressive and innovative nature of the organisation.


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