RBR réaffirme la position de leader mondial de Glory dans les solutions d'automatisation ATM

mardi 21 février 2017


According to RBR's latest report on teller automation and branch restructuring based on strategic research and consulting firm RBR, Glory continues to lead the global teller machine solution market with a 57% market share. The report also shows that Glory teller cash circulation system (one aspect of teller automation) still has a market share of up to 52%, and does not include solutions for OEM license sales with other companies. Glory is a leading telco cash recycling equipment manufacturer in 18 countries covering established markets such as the United States, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Italy and Germany, as well as emerging markets such as Indonesia, Thailand and Ukraine.

In recent years, banks and financial institutions have responded to changing customer behavior and rising cost pressures by adjusting their branch structure and focus. The RBR report shows that while efficiency, safety and accuracy remain the single most important contributors to TAU deployment over manual teller systems, it is equally important that cross-selling opportunities and relationships be established.

Glory introduced a range of TAUs, including cycle machines and change machines, including the RBG-100, Vertera 6G, Vertera STC for large cash flow banks and the Vertera ETD for customers who require cash dispensers for standalone tellers.

Paul Race, Glory's Global Marketing Director, commented: "The RBR report shows that Glory is still at the forefront of the branch transition and that banks and other financial institutions are unanimously aware of the benefits of teller automation, particularly in terms of efficiency." Glory's Products By reducing bill handling and timing, tellers can devote more resources to improving the branch experience while providing more personalized service and advice to clients, and we are pleased that Glory's technology continues to be the number one choice for many financial institutions around the world. "

RBR's teller automation reports are based on an assessment of the current TAU deployment of banks and other financial institutions, which is conducted twice a year. In addition, it evaluates the future potential of TAU and other new teller machine automation solutions in 26 countries around the world to determine key market drivers and hurdles for TAU deployments. RBR conducted a survey of 86 financial institutions and collected data from 46 other agencies.

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