CashInsight™ Inform - For Teller Cash Recyclers


CashInsight™ Inform - For Teller Cash Recyclers

The business intelligence application for Teller Cash Recyclers that transforms hard-to-see data into actionable insights. Consolidating a range of key data sources from devices controlled by CashInsight Assure, CashInsight Inform provides a clear view of cash activity and inventory, device usage, as well as operational and technical issues that together deliver optimized operations and a faster return on investment. Glory has applied its extensive industry experience to create a set of analysis tools to mine these valuable data sources. These tools are available in both standard report form and dashboard format to offer the information needed to make effective management decisions.

Suitable For

  • Advanced efficiency: Provides answers to how your devices are being used and if are you getting the value you anticipated

  • Improved cash flow management: inventory management tools for optimal effectiveness to identify excess cash holdings in the machines

  • Cash Optimisation - Right amount of cash in the right place at the right time





Flexible reporting options to suit varying business needs
Tailor reports to the unique needs of your organisation
Flexible deployment models
Addresses varying operational requirements whilst minimising IT impact on your organisation
Highly intuitive user interface
Your staff access the data they need when and where they need it with ease
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