Vertera™ ETD - Integrated teller support system


Vertera™ ETD - Integrated teller support system

Whether you’re looking to transform your branches or simply improve efficiency for increased profitability, the Vertera ETD will support your strategy without the integration costs of a full TCR solution. As a replacement for the traditional teller drawer/pedestal, enabling open plan layouts, faster teller transactions and enhanced customer experience - the Vertera ETD delivers.



4 RSM: 2 RSMs holding 500 notes, 2 RSMs holding 250 notes 6 RSM: 2 RSMs holding 500 notes, 4 RSMs holding 250 notes


18.4 in x 39.4 in x 31.1 in


352.7 lbs

Suitable For

  • Replacement of a traditional teller drawer/pedestal

  • Automation of cash handling and authentication is required

  • Any location where cash is managed and there are frequent interactions with customers

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits



Compact design, to replace a traditional teller drawer

Simple to deploy and will fit into an existing teller workstation

3 fully integrated, removable teller drawers for storage of other items of value such as coins

Allows each teller to have their own 'float' when they start/end each shift

No safe, RSMs are housed in a 14 gauge steel cabinet.

Light weight, portable solutions. Can be deployed where and when required


Purdue Federal Credit Union deploys Glory Vertera 6G as part of new branch design.

Credit Union reports improved member service, heightened security and doubling of loans in some locations.