CI-100R - Rolled Coin Dispenser


CI-100R - Rolled Coin Dispenser

The CI-100R compact rolled coin dispenser provides your cashiers with a fast, efficient and secure source of coins to ensure their tills are always able to provide change to customers when they need it. It reduces the time that your staff need to spend on preparing coin which means they can focus on higher-value customer service and operational tasks that increase sales and long-term growth.



11.8 in W x 32.5 in D (36.8 at its widest part) x 43.3 in H

Total note capacity

480-800 rolls dependant on coin diameter and configuration

Coin roll stackers

Maximum 6 denominations


291.0 lbs


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Suitable For

  • Fast coin roll delivery for checkout positions

  • Integration with other CASHINFINITY solutions

  • Where there is a high coin roll provision requirement

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits



High coin roll capacity and storage
Fast and efficient coin roll provision, when and where it's required
Dispense only the exact denominations required for checkout positions
Helps improve operation work-flow of a retail store
Reduces the time cashiers spend on preparing coin
Frees up time for more value-added activities