Cash Star™ 9111 - Self service cash dispenser

Cash Star 9111

Cash Star™ 9111 - Self service cash dispenser

Delivering the highest levels of performance and reliability the Cash Star 9111 will certainly free up space, people time and funds to optimise the performance of your operations and significantly increase customer experience. The Cash Star 9111 is fully customisable depending on the needs of your customers, offering: cash dispensing, bill payments, electronic transfers, mini statements and account balance – all in a highly secure environment.


Note dispenser

Glory cash dispenser technology

Bundle delivery of up to 100 ATM-fit notes

Note feeding through friction process

Up to 4 cassettes

Cassettes with 340mm capacity

Human-Machine interface

15.1" TFT colour LCD with function keys

EMV motorised card reader

PCI-certified EPP

80-mm thermal printer

Physical security

CEN L safe with electronic lock

Door open sensor

Software interface

Windows® 7 OS platform

XFS Service Providers


Lobby freestanding


490mm × 882mm × 1440mm

Suitable For

  • - Lobby or retail off-premise locations

  • - Where space is at a premium and a compact self-service solution is required

  • - Multiple banking services needed to be offered via self-service





Intuitive interface with large 15” screen and activity light indicators
Provides clear and simple user guidance and information plus ability to advertise
Ergonomically designed fascia
Meets accessibility standards with easy and fast access for servicing
Enhanced security features including anti-fraud and physical protection
Safeguard your cash and integrity while securing your customer’s trust


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