WS-30 - Coin Wrapper

WS 30

WS-30 - Coin Wrapper

The WS-30 is a compact tabletop coin wrapper and counting machine that accelerates coin processing, increasing accuracy and efficiency. With advanced functionality and a consistent set of operations for all coin wrapping procedures, the WS-30 removes the cost of outsourced coin processing and wrapping.



400 x 500 x 500mm

Hopper Capacity

1,000 coins

Count Speed

Up to 1,800 coins per minute (coin diameter dependent)

Wrap Speed

Up to 12 rolls per minute (coin diameter dependent)

Suitable For

  • Perfectly suited for locations where a compact wrapper is needed

  • No need to outsource coin processing and wrapping

  • For businesses with significant volume of coin available for reuse within their business

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits



User-friendly interface
User information is presented in a clear, easy-to-understand format
Large capacity hopper holding up to 1000 coins
Reduces the number of coin pours required to keep the wrapper operating
Can wrap coin at up to a maximum of 12 rolls per minute
The fastest processing speed for this class of device; ensures higher throughput rates.