The impact of Covid-19 will be felt by retailers for a long time after the immediate crisis recedes. Expectations of customers and staff are likely to change forever. But some things won’t change. Many of your customers either need, or choose to pay with cash..

In a world of social distancing and increased focus on hygiene, Glory’s CI-10 POS cash recycling solution can help you address the needs and expectations of your customers and your staff. Contact with cash can be eliminated during payment transactions while still giving your customers the freedom to continue using cash.

The CI-10 solution is widely deployed in hygiene-sensitive retail environments, including food service, around the world. Now more than ever, stores that need to handle fresh food and take cash payments simultaneously will be concerned about hygiene.  With the additional issue of needing to serve customers quickly to avoid long queues forming, POS cash recycling solutions can significantly reduce payment transaction times.

CI-10 automates cash handling at the point of sale and helps to eliminate discrepancies, detect counterfeits, and reduce end of day reconciliation times. With no need to touch or manually count cash at any point from when its tendered by a customer, CI-10 validates, counts and stores all notes and coins and also dispenses the correct change to the customer.

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