It’s exam time again

January 1, 2017

United States

Bob Allexon


It’s exam time again

It’s that time of year again. Whether it’s GCSEs, A levels or degrees, throughout the country large numbers of young people have one thing on their minds. It’s exam time. We all remember it – have we revised enough, have we revised the right subjects, what if we don’t get the grades we want? It’s a stressful time for students and parents alike. Of course you don’t like to tell them that passing the exams is just the beginning. They then have to go through the trauma of finding a job – the applications, the rejections, the interviews. Even if you have good grades, are you the sort of candidate they are looking for? Do you have the right personality, the flexibility, the attitude to a new challenge the employer wants and ‘where will you be in five years time?’ Who would be young?

Thinking it through, it’s similar to the challenges we face regularly in a business to business environment, and the examiners and interviewers are no less stringent. There are tests our products have to face, standards to be met and hoops we have to jump through even before we can be considered a potential partner. Even if we pass the initial examination there is often a Pilot to be satisfied before we are assured of success. So what is the examiner (or purchaser) looking for and how do we ensure we are prepared?

Of course it starts with quality but there’s also an element of ‘personality’ Are we fit to provide the services the customer wants? Can we add to and improve their operational efficiency? Do we share their aspirations and do we have the flexibility to meet their changing needs, now and into the future? It’s all about long term success. Are we going to be around for the long haul? They want a partner they can be comfortable with – one that can provide peace of mind. It also helps if you can demonstrate that you have already helped other clients achieve these goals.

At Glory we talk a lot about providing a secure path forward and transforming the way companies do business. But it’s not just talk. We have worked with businesses in over 100 countries and have delivered peace of mind and confidence as they invest in their future. That said, every customer is different and each has unique challenges and goals. We treat each ‘examination’ as a fresh opportunity.

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