Our cash recycling modules control cash in real-time and remove the need for manual note handling which assures a highly secure and efficient solution. Performing deposit, recognition, storage and dispense of notes with speed and accuracy our cash recycling solutions minimise the risk of cash shrinkage, theft and fraud.

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RBW 100

RBW-100 - A secure closed cash handling system that delivers efficiencies for cash withdrawals and deposits.

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RBW 100

RCW-100 - banknote recycling system controls cash in real-time, removing manual coin handling.

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NQ300 SNR Kit - Glory’s banknote serial number capture solution is available as an embedded function or an upgrade kit.

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Cash Dispensing

Our banknote, coin and value media dispensers provide high levels of reliability and availability.

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Cash Deposit

OEM deposit modules enable fast, reliable and accurate deposit transactions.

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Glory OEM Brochure - Cash acceptance dispense modules for your self-service terminals.

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