UD-700 - Cash deposit module and scan note bank deposit system


UD-700 - Cash deposit module and scan note bank deposit system

The UD-700 is a cash deposit module for self-service solutions that automates bulk deposits of all currencies. You can depend on the UD-700 to enable fast, reliable and accurate deposit transactions. A single, removable stacking cassette with two separate compartments holds up to 4,000 banknotes ensuring generous capacity and secure storage of notes.



695 mm × 270 mm × 590 mm

exclusive of the inlet

Speed range

5 notes per second


Removable cassette with 2 separate compartments.

Notes are stacked horizontally up to a maximum of 2,000 (max. filling height 197mm) per compartment.

There is also a separate capture area with a capacity of up to 50 notes – providing a ECB Article 6 compliance collection area for counterfeit or suspcious notes at input.

Document size range

Width: 60–85mm

Length: 120–170mm

Suitable For

  • Suitable for true self service bulk banknote deposit applications

  • Easy maintenance

  • Front or rear access bundle depositing


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State-of-the-art bill validator technology, 128 denominations and more than 60 currency templates
Delivers advanced security measures with counterfeit aid
Ideal for bulk cash storage, the UD-700 holds up to 2,000 stacked notes (full total of 4,000 notes)
Secure storage of cash to address expectation of higher capacity, transaction performance and availability
The escrow holds up to 50 banknotes, ensuring a faster deposit speed
Faster customer deposits, reducuing vunerability