GLORY launches new UBIQULAR™ Cloud-based Software Solutions for Financial Institution and Retail markets

13 April 2022

Basingstoke, UK


Basingstoke, UK, 30th September 2021 – Glory, a global leader in cash technology solutions, today announced the launch of its new cloud-based software suite, UBIQULAR, designed to enable enhanced decision making based on data driven insight.  The ‘Software As A Service’ (SaaS) solutions are tailored for the FI and retail markets.

The UBIQULAR suite reflects Glory’s continued goal of delivering greater insight and actionable intelligence around the cash being processed through its customers’ businesses and enabling them to unlock greater value from their Glory equipment. This is achieved via the use of analytics and management information, remote monitoring and management of devices and the delivery of automated cash forecasting that optimises cash inventories and working capital.  Combining the analytical power of UBIQULAR with IoT enabled devices means Glory can deliver truly connected services. The secure cloud-based solutions effortlessly scale with customers’ businesses.


Ed Brindley, Business Director at Glory Global Solutions explained ‘The new UBIQULAR solutions enable an enhanced user experience via connected devices coupled with advanced data management.  UBIQULAR services bring higher levels of efficiency to our customers and allow them to focus on what matters most - their core business. At launch the UBIQULAR suite offers customers a comprehensive range of value-added services, and we have built in the capacity to allow future expansion in line with our customers’ evolving requirements.’

The launch of UBIQULAR is an important milestone, signalling Glory’s growing focus on helping its FI and Retail clients derive maximum value from their investment in cash automation. Whether monitoring and managing a fleet of devices, increasing the effectiveness of business processes, optimizing cash inventories or raising the level of regulatory and security compliance, UBIQULAR delivers cash in high resolution.


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As a global leader in cash technology solutions, we provide the financial, retail, cash center and gaming industries with confidence that their cash is protected and always working to help build a stronger business.

Our cash automation technologies and process engineering services help businesses in more than 100 countries optimise the handling, movement and management of cash. While we span the globe, we personally engage with each customer to address their unique challenges and goals — enhancing staff efficiency, reducing operating costs and enabling a more rewarding customer experience.

Employing over 10,000 professionals worldwide with dedicated R&D and manufacturing facilities across the world, GLORY is built on a rich customer-focused, technology-driven heritage spanning more than one hundred years.

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