Paris, France

10 September 2018 -



Equipmag takes place from 10-12th September 2018, where we will be presenting a number of key retail solutions.

Our focus is on helping Retailers automate cash processes, eliminate cash related fraud and enable an improved customer experience.

To ensure rapid access to working capital, we have established four basic principles that can be used to optimise the Retail Cash Time to value :

  • AUTHENTICATE, using the Point of Sale terminal to test and validate all cash.
  • AUTOMATE, by reducing the number of human touch points all the way through the process.
  • ACCELERATE, by looking at every process stage and using a combination of technology and superior process design to speed up every part of the process.
  • SECURE, by ensuring value is not lost in any way due to theft, fraud or accidental loss, thereby delivering the full value of cash received.

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