UBIQULAR™ Bridge for Retail - remote device management and updating service

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UBIQULAR™ Bridge for Retail - remote device management and updating service

Traditionally, upgrades and updates to cash automation devices, such as new currency pattern-sets or firmware, are performed by a service technician onsite. This requires devices to be removed from service during business hours, resulting in reduced counter service and deployment of additional security measures.

The process can become inconvenient and potentially disruptive for your customers and equally frustrating for your staff.

By continuously monitoring the performance of cash automation devices, Glory can manage your fleet proactively and efficiently; thereby increasing operational availability and providing real time performance data. UBIQULAR Bridge also provides supplementary data for proactive support, faster issue resolution to help users and critical product health checks, resulting in higher operational availability.


● Free-up staff time to dedicate to value-added activities

● Glory can update devices remotely, leading to improved availability

● Eliminate interruptions for routine updates

● Staff can perform routine interventions with help

● Improve customer experience

● Deal with banknote updates quickly

Suitable For

  • All Glory cash handling devices used in the store Connected Glory devices can be remotely monitored and managed

  • Where updates, such as banknote pattern sets, need to be deployed across an entire estate Flexible and efficient management for your cash handling devices

  • Freeing up staff time from asset management Staff can concentrate on value-add activities





Remote diagnostics and updates from Glory
Increased availability of cash automation devices and improved staff satisfaction
Intelligent dispatch provides advanced details
Potential issues can be resolved first-time if an on-site visit is required
Glory can spot early warning signs of potential operational improvements
Faster resolution to help users and critical product health checks



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UBIQULAR™ Digital Services, from Glory, provide greater insight and actionable intelligence around the cash being processed in your business. Drive more value from your cash automation investment and realise further efficiencies in your operation; to allow you to focus on your core business with confidence.


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