UBIQULAR™ Bridge for Financial Institutions

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UBIQULAR™ Bridge for Financial Institutions

UBIQULAR Bridge is a continuous performance monitoring and remote device management solution. Delivering significant value across your enterprise in multiple business areas, it lets you to prioritise customer service and gain valuable business insights with real-time performance data. UBIQULAR Bridge allows you to deliver the high levels of service that your customers expect in your branch.

● Maximise device operational availability and reduce staff time spent resolving equipment issues.
● Ensure updates to devices are deployed in a timely manner with minimal impact.
● Improve service efficiency by providing Glory engineers with advanced information.
● Reduce the frequency of service engineer visits, to avoid unnecessary costs and contact with your staff.

Suitable For

  • All devices - it can be managed from a smart phone or tablet

  • Improving device uptime and availability

  • Remote updates for less business interruption





Remote diagnostics and updates
Ensure devices are in their optimal operational state
Central control and deployment of software updates that protect teller automation equipment
Maximise asset value with remote monitoring
CashInsight Bridge is offered as a tiered solution with varying service levels
Select the option that suits your branches requirements best

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UBIQULAR™ Bridge Solution case study

The UBIQULAR™ Bridge Solution

Changes to banknote design and/or substrate presents the ideal opportunity for the UBIQULAR™ Bridge solution. The sales team in the UK was faced with this when the Bank of England and the Scottish issuing banks exchanged cotton banknotes with more durable polymer banknotes.