CashInsight™ Bridge Console


CashInsight™ Bridge Console

The CashInsight Bridge Console helps monitor and manage your fleet efficiently and cost-effectively, increasing operational availability and providing real time performance data that enables proactive support and faster issue resolution. Utilising the Console within an existing in-house helpdesk or call centre environment, you are able to: monitor the status of your device fleet, view and act upon diagnostic reports and deploy system updates/upgrades for all, or selected devices.


Screen Resolution

1,024 x 768 (minimum)


Less than 50 devices: Recommended: Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 or later

More than 50 devices: Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 or later.


Microsoft Internet Explorer® 11.0 only (no previous versions)

Mozilla Firefox® Latest version

Google Chrome™ Latest version

Suitable For

  • Ensuring any faults are dealt with in a timely manner

  • Keeping your installed base up-to-date with the latest firmware and currency data

  • Managing machine uptime availability


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Central customer control and deployment of software updates/upgrades
Maximise asset value with remote monitoring
Visibility of key performance indicators relating to individual or the entire fleet of devices
Proactive service delivery model that facilitates the scheduling of maintenance activities
When a device requires technical support the Console instantly provides an alert to your helpdesk
No time is lost in communicating the error with accurate details information to fix the issue

CashInsight™ Bridge Solution case study


Download the case study

The CashInsight™ Bridge Solution

Changes to banknote design and/or substrate presents the ideal opportunity for the CashInsight™ Bridge solution. The sales team in the UK was faced with this when the Bank of England and the Scottish issuing banks exchanged cotton banknotes with more durable polymer banknotes.

Download the case study

Download the case study

Download the case study

Download the case study