UBIQULAR Inform for Retail


UBIQULAR Inform for Retail

UBIQULAR™ Inform is an automated business information collation and reporting solution for the retail enterprise.

Providing business data regarding cash that is processed through point-of-sale and back-office cash handling devices, UBIQULAR Inform provides retail organisations the ability to view, compare and analyse cash processing data from different connected devices and locations within its infrastructure.


Glory has applied its extensive industry experience to create a set of analysis tools to mine these valuable data sources to make effective management decisions. Consolidating a range of key data sources from our devices, UBIQULAR Inform provides a clear view of cash transaction activity, inventory, and device usage that together deliver insights to inform strategic business decisions around the cash flowing through your business.


Suitable For

  • Making informed strategic business decisions. Transforms hard to see data into meaningful insights, to inform business decisions more quickly and improves transparency.

  • Delivering improved efficiency and performance for the retail enterprise. Analyse where higher efficiency can be gained to optimise device and staff resources.

  • Improving cash flow management in a store, region or enterprise level. Analyse excess cash holdings and usage patterns to help reduce cash induced expenses.





Consolidate a range of key data sources.
Delivers an automated approach to data collection and analysis.
Data is presented through a comprehensive and flexible reporting tool.
Information is readily available to make decisions.
An enterprise-wide view of cash inventory.
Gain insights into trends to inform future inventory decisions.

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UBIQULAR™ Digital Services, from Glory, provide greater insight and actionable intelligence around the cash being processed in your business. Drive more value from your cash automation investment and realise further efficiencies in your operation; to allow you to focus on your core business with confidence.


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