CashInsight™ Forecast


CashInsight™ Forecast

The CashInsight™ Forecast cash management solution, provided in partnership with Fiserv, leverages Fiserv’s renowned Integrated Currency Manager solution, linking with teller cash automation to keep cash “available and active” in your environment, removing excess cash, eliminating unnecessary cash movement and reducing overall cash planning effort. A business intelligence solution that addresses the challenge of reducing cash inventory and associated costs, CashInsight™ Forecast is available through a real-time dashboard which details information such as cash inventory held between branches using teller cash recyclers and the exact denomination breakdowns. By understanding not just how much cash each branch requires, for example, but what specific notes are needed, a bank can place far more accurate currency/denomination orders and not rely on value alone.

Suitable For

  • Providing real-time Business Intelligence to ensure active cash is managed and maintained at optimal levels

  • Linked with teller cash automation solutions to keep cash “available and active” in your environment

  • Helps to reduce cash inventory and associated costs


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Provides cash management data for branches, ATMs, vaults and CITs
Optimise cash levels and reducing cash movements
Real-time data dashboard
Place far more accurate currency and denomination cash orders
Provided in partnership with Fiserv
Leverages Fiserv’s renowned Integrated Currency Manager solution