CashInsight™ Inform - for teller cash recyclers

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CashInsight™ Inform - for teller cash recyclers

Glory's reporting and analytics portfolio that aims at providing a wide variety of options for consuming data from various data sources and delivering meaningful insights back to our customers. Our portfolio includes business intelligence applications that transforms hard-to-see data into meaningful insights allowing customers effective data-driven decisions. Consolidating a range of key data sources from devices, UBIQULAR Inform provides a clear view of cash activity, inventory, device usage, operational and technical issues that together deliver optimised operations and a faster return on investment. Glory has applied its extensive industry experience to create a set of analysis tools to mine these valuable data sources. These tools are available in both standard report form and dashboard format to offer the information needed to make effective management decisions.

Suitable For

  • Advanced efficiency: Provides answers to how your devices are being used and if are you getting the value you anticipated

  • Improved cash flow management: inventory management tools for optimal effectiveness to identify excess cash holdings in the machines

  • Overall improved performance: Provides key performance measures on Teller Cash Recyclers which ensure optimal use and maximum satisfaction


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Maximise efficiency
Understand usage patterns and create productivity and large savings
Cash Inventory Management
Provides usage trends and non-moving cash data for optimal effectiveness
Reporting and Analysis
Converts valuable data into information and insights

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CashInsight Inform reveals invisible business inhibitors to optimise resources utilisation and deliver  higher business performance whilst increasing customer satisfaction.