Vertera™ ETD - Integrated teller support system


Vertera™ ETD - Integrated teller support system

Whether you’re looking to transform your branches or simply improve efficiency for increased profitability, the Vertera ETD will support your strategy without the integration costs of a full TCR solution. As a replacement for the traditional teller drawer/pedestal, enabling open plan layouts, faster teller transactions and enhanced customer experience - the Vertera ETD delivers.



4 RSM: 2 RSMs holding 500 notes, 2 RSMs holding 250 notes 6 RSM: 2 RSMs holding 500 notes, 4 RSMs holding 250 notes


465mm x 1000mm x 790 mm



Suitable For

  • Replacement of a traditional teller drawer/pedestal

  • Automation of cash handling and authentication is required

  • Any location where cash is managed and there are frequent interactions with customers

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits



Compact design, to replace a traditional teller drawer

Simple to deploy and will fit into an existing teller workstation

3 fully integrated, removable teller drawers for storage of other items of value such as coins

Allows each teller to have their own 'float' when they start/end each shift

No safe, RSMs are housed in a 2mm steel cabinet.

Light weight, portable solutions. Can be deployed where and when required